Invention #239 - Psychic Dampener Negation Device (Fantastic Four vol.1 Annual 20)

Every year Doctor Doom battles Mephisto for possession of his mother’s soul.  Every year Doctor Doom loses.

So, this year Doom has captured Franklin Richards.  Doom knows that Franklin has defeated Mephisto in the past and that Mephisto is afraid of the child.

When the time for the battle comes, instead of battling Mephisto, Doom offers a deal.  Doctor Doom offers Franklin in exchange for Doom’s mother.  Mephisto accepts and takes Franklin with him back into his realm.  Before the portal can close all the way, Reed follows them!

Reed knows that in Franklin’s current state, he cannot defeat Mephisto.  Franklin has active psychic dampeners that are inhibiting his powers.  Reed’s got to bring those dampeners down so his son has a fighting chance.

So, Reed confronts Mephisto and with his stretching powers slips a device into Franklin’s back pocket.  A device that will bring down the psychic dampeners and give Franklin access to his powers again!

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